RedOctober1-300x200I’m still a bit in awe of Game 6 last night. Not sure I have the words yet … but lots of others have written some great stuff and I wanted to put it all in one place. Enjoy:

As I find more, I’ll try to add them here.

And, I’ll admit (and my twitter posts from last night will validate it), I had all but given up hope last night. It just started looking more and more like it wouldn’t be possible and more and more like the implosion I remembered as a child from the ’85 series that left me in tears as a 9-year old boy. And I’ll go ahead and say this now: I want like hell to see the Cardinals win Game Seven tonight. I’ll celebrate like a little boy. My friends who are Cubs fans will be mad at me and call me annoying and arrogant and I won’t care. ┬áBut, even if I’m not celebrating tonight, even if we “only” made it to Game Seven, I will always have, and will always remember, Game Six. You can’t take that away from me.